Generate $5,000 – $10,000 in passive income per month with eCommerce

Learn how we’re helping our clients get a piece of a $385-million-a-day business by creating automated eCommerce stores on multiple platforms. We’ll show you how you can have your own stores that generate monthly returns of 7%, 13%…even up to 37%! 
And, here’s the best part: we run the store for you! No picking products, fulfilling orders, customer service, or returns. We handle it all!


Why eCommerce?

I’ve been investing in real estate for over 16 years and I think to myself often “this is the greatest business in the world.”

In the last year, we’ve seen new times and new opportunities. Our newest venture is unlike anything we’ve ever seen, and we’re going all-in on it.

Join me as I walk you through what we’ve been doing for the past few months and how you can get your piece of the pie (and why we want you to!).

The Investment

As with any business opportunity, there is an upfront investment and there are 2 ways you can fund this business. If you fund it with cash, it’s a $35,000 investment.

If you have decent credit and make at least $40k per year, you may qualify to fund it with our funding partner. In that case, it’s $37,000 and you would have some interest to pay.

If that’s not something you have or are willing to invest, then it’s not for you at this time. No hard feelings. But let me tell you, it’s worth every penny.

If you’re interested in hearing how our team is making these kinds of returns on our money, enter your information below to gain access to this webinar now. We can promise you’ve never seen.

Instead of focusing on the how, focus on who to do the how.

What’s the Latest?

Here’s the latest update from Ben about the growth of the store. Check out more updates on our YouTube Channel.

Amazon Store Update

Walmart Store Update


Investment Updates

Ben shares his experiences as his eCommerce store continues to flourish.

eCom Update – October 2021

I went to Home Depot the other day and realized that the holidays are upon us. Well, at least according to Home Depot they are and I guess they would know. By the time you read this, there will be less than 60 days until the holidays and to be honest, I haven't been...

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eCom Update – September 2021

eCommerce Diversification? If you've been following our journey with eCommerce here, or on our YouTube channel, then you know I've shared the good and the bad. These are brand new investments to us, and we continue to study the nuance of how they work, as well as...

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eCom Update – August 2021

eCommerce continues to grow at a rapid rate with the top retailers posting big gains in the space. eMarketer is a market research company that provides insights and trends related to digital marketing, media, and commerce. Here is their list of the top 15 U.S....

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